Kakariki: breeding, age and natural breeding season

TitelKakariki: breeding, age and natural breeding season
MedientypWeb Article
Jahr der Veröffentlichung2004
AutorenPseudonym Steptoe,(NZ)
Titel der ReiheKakarikis
StadtAuckland; New Zealand

"7 to 12 eggs is the norm in captivity and the wild, ave around 9 with a very high % fertility and surviving from the nest (leaving out perameters like rats , stouts etc) "
"At what temperature do they breed in nature?" : "n Auckland we can expect a last frost (2 deg C)in early Sept,1st eggs laid late Sept to Oct, often breeding right thru winter..."
"It seems to be that all wildcolour redfronted kak´s in Europe have
yellow feathers in the neck. do wild kak´s also have these yellow feathers in the neck?" : "Yes ours have that to, althu even with moult one cant see it, its very visible on the chicks and noticed that the chicks leave the nest when it is no longer visible. If it is visible when they leave, they have a hard time, not quite ready to fly for a few days, Dad still needs to feed them a lot"

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