Open Nomenclature in the biodiversity era

TitelOpen Nomenclature in the biodiversity era
MedientypJournal Article
Jahr der Veröffentlichung2016
AutorenSigovini, M., E. Keppel, and D. Tagliapietra
JournalMethods in Ecology and EvolutionMethods in Ecology and Evolution
Seitennummerierung1217 - 1225
ISB Nummer2041-210X
Schlüsselwörterbiodiversity informatics, biomonitoring, controlled vocabulary, primary biodiversity data, semantic tools, species/abundance matrices, taxonomic databases, taxonomy, uncertainty, Zoology
Zusammenfassung Abstract:
The uncertainty or the provisional status of a taxonomic identification can be expressed by a set of terms and abbreviations known as Open Nomenclature (ON) qualifiers. This approach is widely applied across biological disciplines, and a high amount of biodiversity data left in ON can be found in literature and data bases. However, there is no consensus about ON qualifiers and their meaning. The use of ON qualifiers has been reviewed in order to provide a summary and guide to current practice in zoology. Some recommendation is given to avoid inconsistencies or vagueness. A flow chart is proposed to clarify the sources of uncertainties during identification and to facilitate the application of ON qualifiers. This review provides a guide for taxonomists and ecologists currently involved in biomonitoring and biodiversity programmes, as well as for researchers dealing with biodiversity data infrastructures and tools, offering a starting point for a methodological harmonization.
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2016 M.Sigovini, E.Keppel,D.Tagliapietra
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