Composition and seasonality of mixed-species flocks of insectivorous birds

TitelComposition and seasonality of mixed-species flocks of insectivorous birds
MedientypJournal Article
Jahr der Veröffentlichung1990
AutorenDean, S.

Mixed-species flocks of insectivorous birds were investigated at Kowhai Bush, Kaikoura, in monthly transect counts between July 1986 and June 1988. Four native species (Brown Creeper, Silvereye, Greg Warbler and Fantail) and two introduced species (Chaffinch and Redpoll) foraged in mixed flocks. Brown Creepers and Silvereyes appeared to behave as nuclear species by determining the direction of movement of mixed flocks. Mixed flocks were found throughout the day. The mean number of species per flock was 2.5 and the mean number of birds in flocks was 8.5. Mixed flocks were seasonal with none encountered during the main breeding period (Sep-Dec).

Greene (1982) found that Yellow-crowned Parakeets (C. auriceps) preferred to forage in mixed flocks whereas Red-crowned Parakeets (C. novaezelandiue) foraged mainly in single-species flocks. Yellow-crowned Parakeets were in mixed flocks in autumn and winter.

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