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was and is to collect my experience and knowldege about the fish species
Macropodus ocellatus,
because there is nearly nothing to find about in the public (particular within the web). So I decided to present my infos and experineces in the hope to start an information transfer between the collectors of this species.

This site now will serve as the central point I will present all the collected information.

And as I'm to lazy to manage differnt web sites sometimes there will pop up entries off topic.
The base language of the site is german! Only if a registered user is kind enough to produce a translation the respective entry will be avail in english or another supported language.

Classification of the information sources

The content allway is classified by one of 4 information source types.
This typing is clearly marked by an icon or a text like the below:

  1. Quelle: Fachpublikationenout of official publications
  2. Quelle: Eigene Beobachtung bzw. Erfahrungfrom experience of the author
  3. Quelle: Perönliche Interpretation bzw. Meinungsäußerungas an inerpretation of the author
  4. Quelle: Erfahrungen, Beobachtungen, Äußerungen Dritteror as the unproofen repeation of a rumor or something a another person sayed

Wissenschaft ist der Glaube an die Unwissenheit des 'Wissenschaftlichen Konsenses'. {frei nach Richard Feynman}